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Our Stories

Why do we put our trust in Jesus? Join us on our journey.


Why is there a need to believe in God? Even then, is there really a need to give up your entire life (or soul for that matter) to follow God? Life was relatively smooth-sailing for Wesley, and while he believed that there was a “greater being” out there, he never saw the need to give his life to God. Watch Wesley’s Draw My Life as he revealed how he once lived life as he pleased and how it all changed when he came to seek and acknowledge Jesus Christ as His greatest treasure.

Treasures in Jars of Clay - Wesley's Story


If we are honest with ourselves, we often feel insecure. We sometimes spend a lot of our time and effort seeking for attention, love and security in who we are or what we do. Watch Ben and Ruth’s Draw My Life as they share how they gradually came to realise how having a constant need to please others left them feeling empty and hopeless, and how they found true joy in a stable and unfailing love.

Treasure in Jars of Clay | Ben&Ruth's Story