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Devotional Resources

Reading and praying through the bible

How do we grow as a Christian?

The old children song says it well "Read your bible, pray everyday, pray everyday, pray everyday. Read your bible, pray everyday, and you'll grow, grow, grow."

How do we grow as a Christian? Well the question reminds us that growing as a Christian is not a destination, but it is a journey.

It is a journey we take daily, weekly, yearly, in fact, all of our lives.

It is a journey we take with other Christians regularly at our Sunday gatherings.

It is a journey we take weekly with our gospel communities.

It is a journey we take with Christian men and women by studying God's word, praying and applying it throughout the countless crossroads and decisions we make.

It is a journey we take in our own private time between us and our God.

So on this page we've put in a few suggestions to help us along for our personal reading of the bible and praying to our God.

  • Read the Bible - (On TGC website: A Devotional Commentary in Partnership with CROSSWAY.)

  • For the Love of God - (On A One Year Daily Devotion from D.A. Caron's book of the same name. It is also available for free on the YOUVersion Bible App.)

  • Explore App (Bible Devotional App from The Good Book Company. There are both free and paid reading plans within the App.)

  • Operation World - (Join the Prayer Movement for our world. Click the link to find out more.)

Meanwhile, if you'll like to speak to one of our pastors or leaders you can also click on the button "Connect with Us."