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Gospel Communities

Bible Study or Small Groups, you name it. What is crucial is the fellowship built on God's word.

Gospel Community?

Well, we often use the names bible study groups or small groups interchangably. Whichever name we use, what we have in mind are 2 components (i) the gospel, and (ii) a commnunity.

The Gospel Community is another way we define the smaller community units of the larger BTPC. Now the term Gospel Community is neither original nor totally encompassing of what we are trying to represent. It however serves 2 key purposes, namely growing in the knowledge of the Gospel and living out the gospel as a Community

What the Gospel Community (GC) is not:

It is not solely each of these:

  • A group that meets ONLY to study the bible
  • A group that meets ONLY for activities
  • A group that meets ONLY once a week.
  • A group that seeks to be small
  • A support group

What is the GC:

It is a gathering of a group of people who seeks to live out the Christian calling together by studying God’s word and demonstrating the gospel’s influence in our daily life and to continually declare the gospel to everyone – believers of Jesus Christ and those who do not.

What does the GC look like on a daily, weekly and monthly basis?

The GC is where we spend significant amount of our time studying God’s word and helping each other to live out the gospel we come to believe. We encourage experiencing and celebrating life together in the light of the gospel truths and what God has done for us through our Lord Jesus Christ. 

We also seek to actively invite people to hear about the gospel and to experience life with a local Christian community of people.

On a daily basis, we learn to give thanks to God for the gift of life and provision. Where we can in our current situation, we try to share a meal with someone – to be reminded of & to proclaim our dependence on God for everything in life.

On a weekly basis, we gather to read and understand God’s word together, pray for one another, help each other reflect any unbelief we are clinging on to, and encourage each other to respond to what we learnt in our daily lives. During these unusual times, we also try to meet each other on Sundays when btpc is happening online.

On a bi-annual basis, we try to engage our non-Christian friends with the gospel story and the gospel community by inviting them to planned gathering or join them in their rhythms in life as a community serve/contribute as a gospel community.

Over the course of the year, we try to help each other grow in gospel knowledge and living in all aspect of our lives – knowing the gospel story, listening to God and each other, celebrating life, blessing the people inside and outside of the community, working, going through life circumstances, eating and recreating together. We seek to proclaim the gospel to others by words and living and we strive to do it together.

What we pray will happen in our Gospel Communities/Bible Study Groups/Small Groups?

We pray and seek growth in 1) Loving God by knowing the gospel story and having the gospel convict & change us in areas of unbelief, 2) Loving Each Other by serving each other and by gospelling to each other for continual growth and change in unbelief and 3) Loving Others by sharing the gospel and being involved in other’s life as a gospel community.

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