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S.A.L.T Ministry (Southeast Asian Ladies' Tea)

Gathering domestic helpers in a safe and comfortable environment to build them up in the gospel

What is this ministry about

This ministry started during the COVID period to provide a safe environment for domestic helpers to be supported.

The SALT ministry (Southeast Asian Ladies’ Tea) is a great opportunity for domestic helpers to:

  • Relax in a safe place with others from their home country,
  • Learn and share beneficial practical skills
  • Hear and explore the Christian good news
  • Grow as a Christian and build relationships for Christ
  • Be supported in prayer
  • Enjoy Southeast Asian food and tea

SALT teams

Filipino - Lena, Linda Wong, Sarah Ang, Sophia, Gracie

Indo - Janice, Joelle, Yayah

How BTPC attenders can serve

If you know a domestic helper,

or are interested to reach out to a domestic helper with the gospel, 

or hope to build up the domestic helpers in the faith,

please get in touch with those in the SALT teams for more details about our ministry to domestic helpers.