BTPC Gatherings We're meeting both physically and via zoom. Click here for more info.

BTPC Gatherings

@GBHQ & Live Zoom

Pre-Registration for BTPC GBHQ Service

Weekly Regsitration Opens on Thursday

Dear BTPCians. Please use the following links to register yourselves and your family members who will be attending services at GBHQ 16 May 2021.

If there is insufficient vacancy, you can also request to be put on the waitlist. Please note that those on the waitlist should not come down to GBHQ unless you have been personally notified by Jeremy that vacancies are available and reallocated to your family.

*Special Note:

We've moved the 2nd service timing to 11.15am to allow more time for each service and better transition between the services.

Please install the TraceTogether App on your mobile or collect your TraceTogether Token when it is available to you.

More details on BTPC @ GBHQ

GBHQ Address: 795 Upper Serangoon Rd, Singapore 534667

Service Timing:

9.30am (limited to 100pax)

11.15am (limited to 100pax)

Our services will be around 1 hour.

A few steps to note while attending the physical gatherings.

  1. Pre-Register (Use the links above)
  2. Register for "TraceTogether" App on and/or bring the "TraceTogether" Token (Required)
  3. Arrive at GBHQ 5-10mins before service.
  4. Temperature and QR Code check in. Follow the directions by our Ushers & Welcomers.
  5. For 9.30am Service (only)
  6. Parents with children (attending Children's Ministry), proceed to Zone 1.
  7. The teachers will be present at Zone 1 to direct your children to their respective classes.
  8. Others proceed to Zone 2.
  9. Everyone is encouraged to return to the same zone for subsequent services.
  10. Please take note of the following guidelines.
  11. All persons present must wear face masks at all times.
  12. Please bring your own bibles.
  13. Please use the toilets designated to your zone.
  14. Congregants (of not more than 8 persons) are to observe 1 metre safe distance from others.
  15. Please do not mingle outside of your group before, during or after each service.
  16. After the service, you may proceed to the nearby eating areas with your groups (of not more than 8 persons).

*Spaces are currently limited due to current restrictions, but we look forward to increasing the numbers in the near future.

For more information, click on our Safe Management Measures button below.


For those who are driving:

For those who are parking at GBHQ and Helping Hand for the 9.30am service, please exit the parking lot by 10.45am so that the cars for the 11am service are able to get in. Thank you!

BTPC Live ZOOM from Home

Our Live Zoom services will continue. If you are new and will like to join our online services, simply click "Connect with Us" below to get the details of our Live Zoom services.

Service Timings:



BTPC Zoom Sunday Service Social and Meeting Space

  • From 7 Feb, we’ll open Breakout Rooms in Zoom to serve as social meeting spaces and post-sermon discussion and prayer spaces. This will also coincide with when the 1115hr service begins to use the same Meeting ID as the 0930hr Service (No change for 1st Service attendees; 2nd service attendees will need to change to using the 0930hr service Meeting ID).
  • The rooms will open from 0900hr before 1st Service, stay open between services, and continue until 1245hr after 2nd service.
  • If you’re coming in on a laptop using the latest version of Zoom, you’ll be able to move freely between breakout rooms to say hi and interact with others. You can also see who’s in which room!
  • If you’re coming in on a mobile phone, you can also see the breakout rooms and move between rooms at will, but you won’t be able to see who’s in which room. We’ll close breakout rooms 3 minutes before Service begins and bring everyone to the main Zoom hall to say hi before handing over to the Service Leader.


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